SEM – Search Engine Marketing Hyderabad

Search Engine MarketingSearch engine marketing revolves around paid ads. The concept of paid ads comes into perspective. Pay Per click (PPC) and Pay per action (PPA) are the most used concepts in the paid ads domain. The main aim of paid ads is that Google lists these ads on the top of the Google page or on the right hand side of the first page itself.

The main advantage of Search engine marketing is that when visitors visit your website / blog and if they click the ads that are displayed in your website, then google pays you certain amount. This in turn helps in brand building.

iBase solutions understands Search Engine Marketing from the inside out, and has a dedicated team of SEM experts, who precisely know how to churn out profitable results from the ad platform. If you want SEM, then iBase is without a doubt the right choice for you.


  •  Small Initial Investment
  • Realistic for all Businesses regardless of Size
  • Immediate Results
  • Real time tracking
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Branding