Privacy policy’s

  1. Introduction

we are committed to the privacy of our website viewers this policy will help you know better about what we will do with your personal information.

Regarding the use of cookies, your first visit to our website permits us to use cookies Every time you visit our website.

  1. Usage

this policy covers how the Ibase solution collect and manage your data

  1. Information we collect

We ask and collect the following information when you use our hosting environment:

  1. To use a platform we collect information about your IP address, geographical location, browser version, and operating system.
  2. We also collect information like your visit to our website, time of visit, navigation through the website paths
  3. We require you to provide minimum information when you register like email address
  4. We also consider the information such as name that you enter to build your profile gender birthday relationship status interest and hobbies educational details and employment details.
  5. We also have the minimum data that helps us to understand your subscription to our emails through the email address
  6. Information that you entered while using our website
  7. We also collect data that is generated while you are using our website like how often you use our website and circumstances.
  8. Information related to the transactions you make through our website, which has your name information and email address and telephone number, and credit card details.
  9. Contact that you post using our website with the intention of publishing it on the Internet which also includes your name profile picture and the posts
  10. When you communicate, we also collect information about your communication that you wish to provide or disclose

11 . Any other information that you help us to build your profile

you cannot provide us the personal information of others without their concern of disclosing their information in accordance with this policy

  1. How we use your data?

We store and process your personal information to provide you, improve and develop. a better understanding of our platform.

  1. Managing our websites and business
  2. Customizing our websites for you
  3. Ensuring your use of services that are provided by our website
  4. Ensuring and sending goods and services that are provided by our platform
  5. We make reminders for the payment, invoice, and statements, etc
  6. We will also provide non-marketing communication
  7. The email notifications and information that you are requested for a service
  8. We also provide information about our marketing communications of the business and Third-party business that we think you might be interested in.
  9. We provide genuine information to our third parties about our users
  10. Managing inquiries and complaints that are related to our websites
  11. We are committed to website security and any malfunction activities cannot be encouraged

12. Diwali’s date your compliance with the terms and services of our company

  1. Other uses.

We only publish your information with grant permission of access to it. They will not provide any of your personal information to the Third-party services without your consent.

  1. Revealing your personal information

We may disclose your information to our suppliers, agents, and employees if necessary, with a set of policies.

May disclose your information under the following instances:

  1. we use your identity for service support information
  2. for any legal proceedings that are involved in the activities
  3. To establish and defend our legal rights
  4. The purchaser of an asset in a business or seller
  5. To any person, we reasonably believe that the authority to disclose with the appropriate reason

We will not provide your personal information to any other Third parties

  1. Data transfers

We collect your information to store and manage, and we can also transfer your information to other countries where we locate in accordance with this policy

The information that is published by your public website may not assure if there is any misuse of it

You must agree upon the sharing of personal information to our branches where we locate.

  1. Gathering your personal information:

We generally retain your personal information for as long as it is necessary to provide our services and to comply with our legal obligations.

Personal information cannot be used for any other purposes until necessary.

Without preconception to article G-2, we usually delete the personal information of the person with a particular date or time set to the profile

  1. Personal information is deleted once a year

The provisions of section G will have certain electronic documents that will retain the following things:

  1. To the extent under legitimate laws
  2. If we think that the electronic documents are going to have ongoing and legal proceedings.
  3. In a sense to implement or defend our legal rights.
  4. Security of your personal information:
  5. We take wholesome responsibilities to provide and protect your data without any misuse and alteration that can be caused through vulnerabilities and attacks.
  6. We secure your personal information on the servers in an authenticated manner
  7. All the electronic transactions on our website are encrypted.
  8. We cannot hold the responsibility of sharing sensitive information Over the Internet insecurely with you
  9. We will not ask for your password, and it is your control to make sure your passwords are confidential.
  10. Amendments:

Our policies may change from time to time. we may have significant policy changes on our website. We may consider the explicit notice of the policy changes through email or through any private messaging tool on the website

  1. Your rights:

We are entitled to protect your personal data

We have the right to process the information about your profile.

Provision of any such changes will subject to the following:

  1. the payment of a fee of $10; and
  2. Evidence of identity to the purpose. We also accept a photocopy of your passport certified by a Notary. In addition to it a copy of the utility bill for the current address

You have the right to instructors at any time not to process your personal information.

We will provide an opportunity that opts to you to provide Your personal information in marketing Purposes

  1. Third-party websites:

We also include Third-party information for your reference and hyperlinks we do not hold the responsibilities of policies of Third parties.

  1. the latest update on information:

Please Let us get updated with the information that is needed to be corrected.

  1. Cookies:

Cookie instead files containing information that is sent from the web server 2 web browsers and it is stored by the browser. Our website makes use of cookies. Cookies may be persistent or session cookies. Persistent cookies long last in your browser until the date of expiry of them, or you delete them from the browser, whereas a session cookie will expire with the end-user session or when the browser is closed.

Cookies will not contain any personal information of the user that is linked to our website.

The following are the cookies that are used on our website:

  1. The cookies that are used in our website as follows:

We use Google Analytics and Google Ads for the purpose to recognize a computer when a user visits the website / personalize the website for each user? track users as they navigate the website /

administer the website / prevent fraud and improve the security of the website enable the use of a shopping cart on the website / improve the website’s usability/analyses the use of the website/target advertisements which may be of particular interest to specific users

  1. Most website denies using cookies:
  2. Chrome with version 29, you can block all cookies by accessing the “Customize and control” menu and clicking “Settings,” “Show advanced settings,” and “Content settings,” and then selecting “Block sites from setting any data” under the “Cookies” heading.
  3. Firefox with version 24, you can block all cookies by clicking “Tools,” “Options,” “Privacy,” selecting “Use custom settings for history” from the drop-down menu, and unticking “Accept cookies from sites”
  4. Internet Explorer with version 10, you can block cookies using the cookie handling override settings available by clicking “Tools,” “Internet Options,” “Privacy,” and then “Advanced”

Blocking of cookies will result in Accessibility of features on our website

 3. Deletion of cookies can be done on the website for example:

  1. Chrome (version 29), you can delete all cookies by accessing the “Customize and control” menu, and clicking “Settings,” “Show advanced settings,” and “Clear browsing data,” and then selecting “Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data” before clicking “Clear browsing data.”
  2. Internet Explorer (version 10), you must manually delete cookie files.
  3. Firefox (version 24), you can delete cookies by clicking “Tools,” “Options,” and “Privacy”, then selecting “Use custom settings for history”, clicking “Show Cookies,” and then clicking “Remove All Cookies”; and
  4. there will be a negative impact when you delete cookies from your browser