Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of our site:

1.1 There is a certain level of utilization for Excessive CPU, Bandwidth, or disk space usage, as per the plan type. The hosting environment restricts if there more than the maximum allowance of utilization and the level of accounts in the hosting environment.

1.2 ibase solutions have the right to abolish any kind of process that infringes the over usage of instances. The script of code that takes maximum CPU utilization can be categorized. We can ask the third-party vendors to involve in this to minimize the usage of resources.

1.3 Internal Activities-We are entitled to scrutinize the code before it executes. Implementation of any background activity without any prior confirmation comes under server abuse.

1.4 Pornographic material can’t be saved and sent without any authorization by base solutions. Indecent activities cannot be encouraged by Ibase solutions.

1.5 Any Misdeed cannot be borne.  Any copyright infringement, spamming and offense, hacking, cracking information from websites are restricted.

1.6 Any kind of server abuse cannot be tolerated, and it will lead to account disabling. Ibase solutions have legitimate practices for any kind of unlawful act. If you have doubts about certain things, contact ibase solutions to check it out.

1.7 Spamming of emails cannot be encouraged, and it comes under server abuse that can cause account disability.

1.8 Uncertain auctioning of services without charge is prohibited. It holds script of code, FTP accounts, hosting account services, database, licenses, webspaces, and bandwidth.

1.9 Substitute websites and related to them are restricted.

1.10 ibase solution web hosting space cannot be used to store unrelated files on the website

1.11 we don’t serve the environment to host mp3 files and video files.

1.12 sites related to downloading content are not encouraged in this space

1.13 a Certain level of bandwidth is designated for websites hosted on our server. Cannot be used for other websites using hot linking.

1.14 provisioning of services related to storing mails is not allowed. We endorse customers to use pop3 to store mails on their computers.

1.15 web hosting of the adult site are restricted

1.16 we do not encourage astrologer websites on our servers, if we found any, that will lead to termination of the account, and no payback is done.

1.17 we don’t allow any plugins or cracked software on our web hosting servers.

Payments and compensation policy:

2.1 we accept prepaid payment only

2.2 ibase solution has the right to suspend your account if there are unpaid bills for more than 5 days. We also have the right to re-activate the account with a certain amount of fee. If our services are not functioning properly as mentioned, you can request a refund within 30 days of the host activation account. We will re-verify and initiate a 100% refund within 24 hours of your refund request. Guarantee will be ignored if you violate any of our Terms of Service. Domain Registration, allocated server, and VPS services are not compensable.

Backup and Data security

2.3 Your use of this service at your own risk. A click of the backup option button is added to your hosting panel. Ibase solutions are not responsible for any kind of data loss from your account.

Cost variation

2.4 We have the complete intellectual right to vary the prices of resources for every year. It is according to the plan and the number of resources that are given from our hosting environment


2.5 Ibase solutions will not provide any warranty and shall not be responsible for any business loss. It holds data loss, wrong delivery, or no delivery and any interruptions caused by ibase solutions and our employees

Utilization of resources:

2.6 User may not:

1) Execution of stand-alone applications, unattended server-side processes at any point of time on the hosting server. This includes all daemons, such as IRCD.

2) Execute any type of   indexer or web spider (including Google Cash / Ad Spy) on shared servers.

3) Execute any software that interfaces with an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network.

4) Execute any client or bit torrent application, tracker. You may line-up to liable torrents off-site but may not host or store them on our shared servers.

5) Participate in any file-sharing/peer-to-peer activities

6) Execute any gaming servers such as counterstrike, half-life, battlefield1942, etc

7) Execute within 15 minutes cron entries.

8) Execute any MySQL queries longer than 15 seconds. Relevant Index is given to MySQL tables

9) To help minimize utilization, do not put efforts on HTML to handle server-side code (like PHP and SHTML).

10)  Remarkably encrypting and decrypting communications is done. Only use HTTPS protocol when needed; high CPU-intensive than unencrypted communication

11)  In a successive 6 hours of time, Utilize twenty-five percent (25%) or more of our system resources for longer than ninety (90) seconds.  Activities can lead to overutilization of resources, include but are not limited to: FTP, PHP, HTTP, CGI scripts, etc.