Acceptable Use Policy

Please read carefully for your remedies and rights.

  1. Unacceptable Material:

You cannot produce or send through ibase hosting service platform that believes in:

  • Comprise for child pornography
  • Comprise pornography
  • Immoderate harassment hates of speech, violence, threatening.
  • in discrimination under the consumer laws of any jurisdiction also holds chaining letters and pyramid schemes
  • Is defaming violates person’s privacy
  • Tells out the confidential secrets to another person
  • Is predetermined to support are the for violating Copyright regulations
  • intrudes into another person’s trade or patent rights
  • Encouragement of drugs related to unlawful acts like gambling or arms trafficking
  • Fraudulent actions that result in against the iBase solutions by offended users
  • The information exchanged through IBase solution services includes web content, email postings, chat, or any service provided by ibase.
  1. Confidentiality:

In the in charge of the client to take certain precautions to secure the login credentials to their services. It is the client’s responsibility to take care of the security of the website. Ibase solutions are not responsible for any servers.

3. High Voluminous mails:

You need to get approval to send the bulk mail, it should constitute the following things for customer satisfaction. The beneficiary should show their concern to receive the mails in a process procedure. Your operation should hold the appropriate reasons to ensure the person concern in the Mail address email address. To keep back the evidence of an agreement in a form, It can be released on request. Ibase solution request 2 procedural assurances evidence in 72 hours of request The body of the email should contain how the Mail has been acquired for experiencing an email from website promotion .and also the way to request the evidence .for example, you should like to learn more about the received Mail please share a concern to

You have an activity that will be beneficiary 2 resolves the agreement such as the body of email, remove the subject line. the changes can be honored within 72 hours.

For each domain, there should be a privacy policy Anonymous complaints can be tracked.

You have an uncertain source of Mail in any manner.  you can come to play with CAN-SPAM Act and other lawful acts. These regulations are applications when you are using IBase solutions to send the messages on behalf of directly, or indirectly you cannot have 3rd party services for mail for all customers.

  1. Unwanted emails:

The person who doesn’t want to receive the Mail you can’t send the Mail, or you must rely on regulations of network access or participate in using Ibase solution services.

  1. Copy right issues:

You cannot produce, issue any music, software by Copyright unless Must be authorized by the owner of the copyrighted work or else authorized by the United States Copyright law to copy the work IBase Solutions will conclude the service on a repeat of violation of regulations

  1. Violation of Copyright alert

If you found any person in the office is undertaking the Copyright infringement, please share your return notice of it 2 IB solutions

the handwritten note should include, an electronic or physical signature of a person on behalf of the owner of a lawful at that is violated multiple copyrighted words can be noticed through a single alert violation of any regulations is subjected to infringing can be removed or access to the information is disabled and information reason enough to accept Ibis solution to find out the material enough information must have to address telephone number email address confidence to use the material in an authorized way without violating the copyright owner,agent, or the law note that the notification is correct and under-compensation that you’re on behalf of the owner of the intellectual right is violated.

  1. Utilization of Instances:

IBase solution customer may not take part in the following things I best solution has completed right to suspend or terminate account I found a violation of terms and conditions without prior notice given.

  1. CPU can be used 100% of 2 hours there are few procedures which can cause this if it is limited to Perl script CGI PHP Python HTTP and malware
  2. need to use disk IOPS greater than 100h IOPS off virtual disk for 30 minutes
  3. executed any peer to peer activities, file sharing, client, or server software
  4. need to use 300 amps or more than this bandwidth to get throughput for more than 45 minutes .it may not include the proxies, download, etc.
  5. need to use 70 amps or more for CN/ CT bandwidth outcome for more than 45 minutes it is limited to proxies, download, etc.
  1. Additional:

You should have justifiable and appropriate data of file with your domain name registered for any domain hosted in the environment of Ibasesolutions.

  1. Legal obligation:

 May not involve in unlawful acts or imprudent behavior including:

Unofficial access to data, networks, or any attempt to the inquest, scrutinize the system or security breach, validation computer without the confirmation of owner of the system keep an eye on the network/system without endorse meant the owner of the network /system any unusual attempts to overload a system, without any limits, Mail bombing, flooding of messages, and broadcast attacks without the authorization of the owner, accessing the Internet account or computer password scamming, port scanning, security hole scanning. An unusual way of using the header information of a TCP IP packet in emails any performance can result in vengeance of ibase solution network.

  1. Other platforms:

You must rely on the rules and agreement for posting a group /forum that is used for participating. for example, IRC, UESENE groups and also holds for their regulation for their content. these participating platforms are restricted to post off-topic messages or mass posting to any number of forums.

  1. Your Concerns:

Ibase solution has no burden and does not have this acceptable use policy attempted duty reject any fault for any misuse of ibase solution network.