NodeJS Training Hyderabad

NodeJS Training

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Node.js application is as much as simple as you definitely know JavaScript. A parcel of modules wakes up step by step influencing Node.js improvement to promote simple. There is no need of changing over JSON to server-side protests as in Node.js case both customer and server keeps running on JavaScript.

IBase solutions is the real-time angularjs and nodejs corporate training organization in Hyderabad. We giving angularjs and nodejs preparing in Hyderabad, online angularjs and nodejs preparing in Hyderabad, angularjs, and nodejs corporate training preparing in Hyderabad, minimal effort angularjs and nodejs corporate training in Hyderabad, ongoing Angularjs and Nodejs corporate training in Hyderabad with placement.

iBase solutions is Boostrap corporate training in Hyderabad. please Call For training  Whatsapp +91-8501932183 or email at

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction To Node.Js
  • What Is Node.Js?
  • Features Of Node.Js
  • Who Uses Node.Js?
  • Where To Use Node.Js?
  • Where Not To Use Node.Js?
  • Environment Setup Of Node.Js
  • Js First Application
  • Creating Node.Js Application
  • Js REPL Terminal
  • Js NPM
  • Js Callbacks Concept
  • What Is Callback?
  • Js Event Loop
  • Even Driven Programming
  • How Node Applications Work?
  • Js Event Emitter
  • Js Buffers
  • Js Streams
  • What Are Streams?
  • Reading From A Stream
  • Writing To A Stream
  • Writing To A Stream
  • Piping The Streams
  • Chaining The Streams
  • Js File System
  • Synchronous Vs Asynchronous
  • Get File Information
  • Js Global Objects
  • Js Utility Modules
  • Js Web Module
  • What Is A Web Server?
  • Js Express Framework
  • Js RESTful API
  • What Is REST Architecture?
  • RESTful Web Services
  • Creating RESTful For A Library
  • Js Scaling Application

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