SEO Best Practices When Using GIFs: There is something you need to know about GIFs while you are using them in your content. There are some pros and cons when GIF is included in your content.

Firstly, let us start with what is GIF, which means short for graphics interchange format. Nowadays GIFs are part of web language. You will also find many varieties of GIFs through Google.

GIF can be used everywhere from personal chats to public content. It is a media file that can be inserted on any platform. The popularity of GIF started in the 1980s. Google search defines animated and static images only. GIFs have a different way of communicating; it turns into an entertaining way. Here, Some SEO best Practices when using GIFs are given :



Using GIFs in SEO makes your content elevated and is good to use. It will help the audience to keep engaged, and it will help in redirecting to the page with the clicks.

This form of images can be shared and well branded, can be used for a long time. Using them in your content gives more engagement with the audience but for that, you need to use community guidelines.


GIF Performance & Core Web Vitals:

Adding a GIF to your website slows downs your performance. But there are a lot many ways to fast up the performance. 


Ways to optimize your GIF’s are:

  • Lossless compression
  • Lossy compression

You can use any photoshop site to reduce the size of the photo. In simple steps, you can compress the size of a GIF. You can convert a GIF file into an APNG file or an HTML video or an MP4 video. Videos are much accomplished than GIF.

In lossless compression, it doesn’t remove any information or pixels, and it is faster than lossy compression.

Lossy compression Is the art of making GIF Worse, but it improves the performance of the website.


GZIP Compression:

It is a technique by which an image is compressed to 70% of its original size without affecting image quality. This technique will be implemented by the web host. The overall process of this technique is called Gzipped.


Closing in on GIF content:

When we use a GIF in our content, it automatically increases the engagement of the page. GIFs are good for users, and, they will help in increase in traffic to the site. Each factor of the website promotes the ranking level by Google. Provide a lot of content along with GIF to encourage the users to hold on to your website. And make sure that the increase in usage of GIF doesn’t slow down the performance of your website.

Hope This article helps you to get some SEO Best practices when using GIFs and you will able to make top ranking of your website.

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