Multi-Vendor E-commerce Web and App Design and Development Company in Hyderabad, India

Multi-Vendor E-commerce Web and App Design and Development


Multi-Vendor E-commerce Web and App Design and Development Company in Hyderabad, India

About iBase IT Digital Solutions

Founded in 2009, iBase IT Digital Solutions is a premier Multi-Vendor E-commerce marketplace design and development company based in Hyderabad, India. We specialize in creating dynamic online stores that transform into thriving multi-vendor marketplaces, enabling vendors to effectively manage and grow their online businesses.

Our Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solutions

At iBase Solutions, we provide comprehensive solutions for online merchants looking to launch multi-vendor marketplaces. Our platform allows multiple vendors to sell their products or services through a single storefront, catering to startups and established enterprises alike. Here’s what sets us apart:

Vendor Benefits

  • Multiple Sellers: Allows multiple vendors to sell their products or services on your site.
  • Bulk Product Upload: Vendors can upload and manage products and inventory using CSV files.
  • Order Management: Vendors can manage products, services, prices, and shipping details.
  • Advanced Tracking: Vendors can monitor and manage shipping information effortlessly.
  • Notifications: Automated alerts for product approvals and new orders.
  • PayPal Integration: Easy payments to vendors via PayPal, with options for automatic or manual payments.
  • Commission Tiers: Set specific commission rates based on product categories and vendors.
  • Vendor Subscriptions: Offer different subscription plans to vendors, such as 10 products for 3 months at $50.
  • Detailed Reports: Continuous sales reports, revenue reports, and more with extensive filtering options.
  • Multi-Shipping: Vendors can offer various shipping methods, allowing customers to choose their preferred option.
  • Mobile Responsive: Fully responsive frontend and backend modules.
  • Transparency: Customers can view vendor information, including product reviews and ratings.
  • Drop Shipping: Vendors can manage shipping methods and costs, providing customers with the best options.
  • Multiple Suppliers for Same Product: Enable different vendors to offer the same product with varying prices and ratings.
  • Vendor Profile: Customized, public profiles for vendors, displayed on all product pages.

Admin Benefits

  • Easy to Build: Create niche-based marketplaces without maintaining inventory.
  • Commission Management: Set default or custom sales fees for vendors.
  • Moderation: Oversee vendor profiles, product details, shipping arrangements, and vendor capabilities.
  • Reporting: Generate detailed sales reports filtered by vendors, categories, customer groups, and more.
  • Unified Cart: Process all vendor payments through a single shopping cart system.
  • Automated Vendor Payments: Choose to pay vendors manually or automatically.

Supplier Benefits

  • Easy Start: Sell products and services online without maintaining a separate website.
  • Product Management: Upload, manage, and track products, orders, and shipping independently.
  • Supplier Profile: Flexible profiles showcasing company information, products, ratings, and reviews.
  • Sales Tracking: Detailed sales reports to monitor performance.
  • Grouped Products: Set individual prices for the same product on a unified platform.

Key Features

  • Admin Moderation Capabilities: Oversee product information, shipping arrangements, and vendor functionalities.
  • Advanced Billing: Process all payments with a single shopping cart system.
  • Store Management: Allow employees limited access to manage products from the frontend.
  • Product Approval: Decide whether imported products require admin approval.
  • Vendor Payment Tracking: Track monthly vendor payments.
  • Admin Customization Options: Customize product forms, metadata labels, product categories, and more.
  • Supplier Tools and Dashboard: Access detailed sales reports, order management features, and custom notifications.

Additional Services

iBase Solutions also offers a range of other services, including web development, digital marketing, WordPress web development, SEO services, and web hosting. To learn more about our services or to discuss your project requirements, contact us at +91 8501932183.

Let iBase IT Digital Solutions be your trusted partner in building a successful multi-vendor e-commerce platform tailored to your business needs.

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