What is Domain Authority? | Importance of Domain Authority to SEO

Importance of Domain Authority to Search Engine Optimization

Domain Authority score plays a key role in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking of any website. Even though it is vital for every blogger to score good Domain Authority score for better Search Engine ranking, many of the bloggers are not aware of domain authority and its significance. Unlike the earlier days, where the website is weighed based on the page rank, all the websites are weighing through its page authority. To help the aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs, here we have briefed the importance of Domain Authority in detail.

Everything About Domain Authority

Created by Software as a Service (SaaS) Company, Domain authority is a metric used to determine the rating of the website on a scale of 1 – 100 where 1 is the worst and 100 being the best. Based on the ranking of the website, you can easily compare which is the best website and which is the worst website. It is very simple, if the rating of the website is good, then it will have a higher domain authority which positively impacts the page rank. And in any case, the rating of the website is bad, then the domain authority of the website will be affected which indirectly influences the negative search engine ranking.

The Domain Authority will help the enterprises in understanding the facts and digital market reach of their competitors. Instead of considering Domain Authority as an SEO technique, many of the experts these days are utilizing as a tool for understanding their competitive metric of their competitors’ websites.

How to Check Domain Authority?

Somehow you have come to know about what is Domain Authority and why it is important for any website. There are many websites available online which will help you to calculate the Domain Authority of your website. You can check the Domain authority of your website in the official website: Moz open site explorer for genuine information. After entering the website, you have to submit your website domain name and link to get the latest DA score of your website.

Factors That Affect Domain Authority

Domain Authority score of a website will be based on many factors. However, here we have sorted out a few factors that impact the DA score.

  • Website Links in your website
  • Domain Registration Info
  • User Data Signals
  • Domain Age

All the above-mentioned factors will directly or indirectly impact not only the DA score but also the SEO rankings of the website. If the links to the spam or illegal websites are more, the DA score will become the worst. So, always try to link the genuine or official websites which are trusted by the viewers