Difference between white hat and Black hat seo?

SEO Strategies:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) it optimise a website to get top results in search results(SERPS)

One of the main marketing stratagies included for online marketers is to build sucessful online business is search engine optimisation.The process of getting your website top in search results based on algorithms and seo techniques.

SEO is a long term solution to drive pre-qualified traffic to your website, improve conversion rates and boost your online revenue.

What is the difference between white hat and Black hat seo?

Seo(search engine optimisation) is a hot topic now a days,because you can drive reach to right customers through organic method,Here what you need to know,

The difference between white hat and black hat seo has to do techniques used when trying to improve website search engine ranking.

Online Marketers face a similar problem,when it comes to inline strategy,specially to generate traffic through links.For that they must follow the guidelines of Blackhat and whitehat seo techniques.

Black hat SEO:

Black hat seo refers to attempt to improve traffic in way that are not approved by search engines,penalised and get spamdexing.


Keyword stuffing:keyword stuffing refers to a practice of loading a webpage with irrelavant keywords are stuffed into the webpage’s meta tags,visible content,backlink anchor text in an attempt to get unfair traffic to get top in search results.

Doorway pages:

Doorway pages or Bridge pages is used to improve traffic in search results.Doorway pages are created to do well for particular phrases to redirect the visitor to different page.A webpage disigned specifically to improve traffic in search results quick way.


Cloaking refers to the pracice of presenting different content or URLs to visitors than what is delivered to regular visits.it is the old method to get page rank quickly but it is not supported by search engines and get spamming.

invisible text or links:

Invisible text or links refers “hidden text” and links that are almost invisible or completely invisible to web page users but not to the search engines spiders.

Black hat technique are incredibly risky to implement because it can be usually detect sooner or later,subsequently a site may be penalised or get banned with lower rank.

White hat SEO:

White hat seo refers to attempts to improve traffic in way that are supported by search engines and not get to be spammed.

Quality content:

Creating quality content is important because it shows the search engines that your site is unique and appropriate to display. Researching keywords that are both short and long tail and are relevant to your site is necessary to do as well. Be sure to include keywords naturally in headings, link anchor texts and page titles and description.

Effective keyword research and use:

Although Keyword stuffing is used as spamming,you can still hold the keywords correctly,website owners should research specific keywords that visitors are searching to reach the website insearch results.Should be focussed more on Long tail pro keywords(+4 phrase keywords) as short term keywords or phrase or not most effective keywords the long tail keywords.Long tail keywords are more effective specifically to the product or service to get top rank in search engine.Involve the long tail in meta tags,description,and visible content of website to increase their visibility in search engine.

Relevant back links:

Backlinks are links that are directed to your website.Google supports the links which are driven to your site because it is a indication of the popularity or importance of the website.it refers that your website has a quality content to get higher ranking in search engine.But make sure to not to get bad links which can damage the site.

Internal links:

Internal links or inbound links or inline links that links from one page to other page of same domain to get visitor easily navigate a website.It can be used as a great indicator as long as you dont over stuff them.

Meta Description:

Meta description that describes and summarizes the content of your pages to visitor and search engines.it is the content which is used under the title and best content used to get information easily to visiors.

White hat seo is a long taking process in search engines,But it is a good way that was supported by search engines to rank higher in search engines.

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