You are a shopping freak and image, hanging out with your friends around the city. And you suddenly bumped into a notification reading the best discount offers from a top online fashion store app. ‘Wow,’ you say and starts checking out their store to grab the offer. This is what the best mobile app marketing strategy means. In this case, the app designers have used your location permissions to promote their app. Today, almost every business has shifted from physical location to online stores accessible to the customers at their fingertips. 

To put it simply, mobile app developers have been cashing on the increased rate of app usage by the mobile users and yes, they have to in this digital era. Since the usage of mobile phones and tablets are ballooning day by day in recent times, thanks to the lockdown! There have been plenty of new mobile applications budding day by day in the app store. But of all, only some make space into the users’ mobile phones or tabs and of them, only a few sustain. This is what happens in the marketing strategy of mobile applications.

Not that a good and useful mobile app garners huge response all alone. A well-planned marketing strategy is a key factor that lures users and increases the app’s usage. Most of the mobile users would like to browse through the apps for their requirements rather than using mobile browsers for many reasons. This is the reason why mobile app developers concentrate and plan their app marketing strategies in the very first place – during the app development stage. 

So here, let us look into some key points ‘why mobile app marketing is much needed for your mobile app?’ 

1) Reaches users quickly in more than one way

App owners have the advantage of promoting their app through video ads, text messages, emails, location-enabled notifications and social media. This way they can reach out to uncountable smartphone users and grab their attention. 

2) Startups gain a lot

If you are a newbie to the business world and want to progress in the race of marketing your business, you have to make way for mobile app marketing as well besides concentrating on the digital marketing alone. It helps to widen your business. 

3) Increase mobile interface usage

Since smartphone users nowadays are more keen and interested towards accessing their favourite stores or doing their purchases from apps, the bounce rate of websites is ballooning for some whereas the installation number is going up for apps. This is why app marketing has its advantages. 

4) Texts or emails 

How often do you open your Gmail? Once a day or twice? How often do you find your notifications on the smartphone messaging app? Every hour, right? There you are! App marketing trend has chosen text push notifications to attract customer with exciting offers now and then. 

5) Less web navigation

As time is a crucial constraint in everyone’s lives, a decreased navigation time, increased browsing speed is the key factor for grabbing users. No matter how to speed the internet is, how easy is your web version, an app with great designing and quick navigation menu attracts the users to spend more time discovering your menu and offers. This is why you have to mention your app navigation speed as your plus point while marketing it. 

6) The best installation offers

Users get attracted to the welcome offers that many new apps in the store offer. This is one best marketing strategy to gain more users in the first step. To make them hold to your app is the next step.

7) Leveraging social media

This marketing strategy, though mentioned last is the top best one. You might have noticed numerable video ads you come across while watching your favourite show or movie online. The ad makers or the media platform allows the users to view at least 5 to 15 seconds of the ad to lure the viewers to know more about the new app or a new update/feature in the existing app. YouTube viewers notice this app marketing strategy a lot.

To give you further analysis of why it is more important to build the best mobile app marketing strategies for an app to sustain the competitive world, here is a survey statistics carried out by a firm. It claims that more than 90 per cent browsing time of the smartphone users is spent on apps. Be it entertainment, knowledge, gaming or communication, the point to be noted here is the target audience’s interested area is app compared to the mobile browser.

Also, you won’t believe us if we say there are more than 2 million apps in the google play store, apple app store individually besides the windows store and blackberry world. So, it is clear that developing an app and releasing it on the app store is not a challenge these days. But letting your app sustain the competitors, making way into the smartphones of users and staying long is crucial. And to achieve this your need the best marketing strategy considering the budget, your app’s purpose and users’ interest in your app’s features. 

To conclude, if you own a brand, a great logo for it, the best equipment and staff working for it are just not enough. Zeroing in on the right mobile app marketing strategy is highly required and implementing it on the target users is the smart move you have to make to bring success to your business. 

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