Wikipedia is an open-source encyclopaedia that will help to create a world and share knowledge. Anyone can publish an article by registering through this site. Having a Wikipedia page about a company is one of the greatest milestones that can promote your brand beneficially.

Would you like to create a Wikipedia page and share your information?

 It can’t be easy- breezy, but all the efforts you keep into this are worth it.

Reasons to create Wikipedia:

On Wikipedia, there is a dump of knowledge, and you can fetch for anything. It can have any information in the world.

Here are the few intentions to create a Wikipedia page:

  1. Technology developed can be of anything and informative.
  2. Your work is noticeable, if you are a founder, it is determined by Wikipedia and considered as a good individual asset of it.
  3. Wikipedia doesn’t let you find information about your topic.

The following steps will help you out in creating Wikipedia Page:

  1. Do your analysis and scrutinization:

Before publishing your content on the page, kindly read the guidelines of the Wikipedia community. It will help you find the challenges on your page. Your content should be verifiable. It is always good to review your page to avoid conflicts. Your content should be unbiased, reliable, and secondary. Once you submit your page for the reviewer process, it might take a few days for approval.

  1. Create an account:

This space is for contributors, admins, and editors. You can be one of these by creating an associated account of it. To upload any piece of information or to edit the content, you need to log in with an email address.

  1. How to begin:

Initially start by doing small changes on the existing web pages so that you will get the knowledge of Wikipedia’s page and the management tool, how the content is managed. Every change you do from your account is recorded under your profile. By doing this you’ll get familiar with how Wikipedia works.

  1. Collect article related info:

Take enough time to collect the information that is related to your article. Your content should be unique and informative and everything that you upload from your account is verified. Do not duplicate the information that already exists. You need an arbitrator to support your article it might be websites, videos, journals, or any other articles.

Keep your article simple and straight, and you can’t be incriminated forms-interpretation.

  1. Creating Draft:

Once you log in with your account, To modify the content on your page, you can add your page to the sandbox. Reliable references should be provided to your article. The minimum size of the article is 1500 words, and it should be less than 5000 words. Before publishing your article ask someone to review your article.

  1. Prepare to submit for review:

Here is the last step, submitting your article for reviewing process. Make sure it has followed all the regulations. It is a moderate hey process, it might take few days or few weeks to get a response for your approval process. You need to get through this process in a more efficient way.

Once your article is live, all your efforts are paid off. But there are also the same chances of the article being deleted.

Editors might do some changes to your articles like changes in the title and additional comments also be added for the improvement of the article. Make sure you are monitoring your page to get identified the edits that are done on the page.

I hope this article adds a little more knowledge to you in creating Wikipedia pages.

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