iBase Solutions come up with an open source content management system OpenCart CMS. The system currently is highly in demand and is mainly for the eCommerce website designing platforms. The developers of the system are experts in offering some of the best websites and themes for open cart design.

The experts have taken care of the minutest detail in the system and hence it is shipped to the clients with a high number of features. This makes it is a complete package for the eCommerce websites. The modules are created by the developers in such a way that they are highly user-friendly and are outstanding in its visuals. Also, the modules are compatible with a number of versions such as OpenCart 1.5.6, OpenCart 2 & 3 and others.

Features Explained

There are so many features of the system that makes it a must for almost all the eCommerce websites. Here are some of the features that you will come across:

  • It has an amazing interface and helps you get a visual as per your choice,
  • You can keep on changing the templates as per your wish,
  • OpenCart often surprises its users with its multiple languages and currencies, 20 different gateways for payment and as many as 8 methods of shipping,
  • You can use various features as per required such as resizing the images, adding various categories, or products or something else that is needed,
  • The multi-store function offers you the freedom to set the right language, currency, template, and others that are needed for the online store,
  • The easy to use system offers a number of other functions such as easy navigation, smart moves, search bar, and many others.
  • The features offered by OpenCart are not only above the limits but also are such that can make the working a much convenient one.

What About The Developers?

OpenCart is a creation of the iBase Solutions and there are so many other miracles also that the team has come up with. There are some of the major reasons why the team can be trusted upon with their work.

  • The team keeps on working in order to provide the clients exactly what is required,
  • The team of experts is highly skilled in offering the best results,
  • The quotation offered by the team is such that can suit your pocket,
  • It is made sure that the modules and the applications are developed and delivered on time,
  • Opinions are taken from the experts for the OpenCart SEO execution,
  • The customer services work for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to offer you a proper support,
  • Regular updates are offered on the project,
  • The experts contact the customers directly through Skype for any kind of trouble or for the development purpose.

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