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bulk-whatsapp-sender-and-autoreply-botIBase solutions very leading software developing company in Hyderabad. In this precipitous world, everything is more about communication. The transmission of information online is much more based on WhatsApp. It is the best platform to get connected to friends, family, and business purposes.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software, which has lost many features like multimedia content sharing, Unlimited message communication, speed control, anti-block feature, contacts filtrate.

Using bulk WhatsApp marketing software, we can share any kind of information to communicate. This platform allows you to share texts, videos, images, and any documents, etc. here, the user can make use of many tools to verify and filter contacts. To extract all the WhatsApp contacts from groups, the Groups Contacts Grabber tool will help you to get them.

This is software is user-friendly, protected and secured, and reliable. The anti-blocking tool reduces the chances to get blocked.

Any user can create and use WhatsApp marketing campaigns and control speed, a delay time between messages and the user can control sleep time.

WHATSAPP MARKETING SOLUTIONwhatbot-autoresponder-enabled-2whatbot-main-schreenshot-1whatbot-welcome


  • Smooth way of sending messages
  • SMS Scheduling Feature
  • Auto – Reply Chatbots
  • Multiple Account Supported
  • Allows Unlimited Messages
  • Numbers Filter Module
  • Anti Block Functionality With Multi text message
  • WhatsApp Groups Contacts Extractor Module
  • Account Switching in Running Campaign
  • Multi-Language Functionality
  • On – Time Campaign Reports
  • Sleep Control Feature
  • Speed Control Feature
  • Delay Control Feature
  • Groups Verifier Module
  • Dynamic Messages Creation
  • Spin Text Module
  • Compatible With Latest WhatsApp API
  • Allows Unlimited Multi-multimedia message (Images, Videos, PDF, Docs, PPT)

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