Essentials of Local SEO and Listings Management Tools

Nowadays, online presence is essential for local as well as global businesses with physical locations.

It may seem contradictory for the businesses to focus on online presence until they realize that customers are precisely taking decisions through online platforms.

Businesses can make use of this platform and can attain their goals with the right approach and right tools. The tools that help reach such goals include Local SEO and Listings Management.

The features of Local SEO and Listings Management includes:

  • Automated listings finder
  • Ability to update all the listings with a single click
  • Review Management, which helps to directly reply to the customer
  • Analytical tools

Some of the above-listed features may focus only on one solution while others may offer an all-in-one solution to the issue. And you need to pick the tools based on your unique needs.

Following are some of the Local SEO and Listings Management Tools

  1. Yext

It provides a variety of solutions which help in improving your brand using local SEO.  It also integrates with various directories and updates your business information from time to time.

Yext provides some popular local SEO tools. They are:

  • Yext pages
  • Knowledge Manager
  • Yext Reviews
  • Yext Listings
  • Analytics
  • Data cleaning
  • Duplicate listing prevention
  • Google My Business and Listings management
  1. Whitespark

Whitespark has stepped into Digital world as a web design agency, but now it offers various SEO software tools which help businesses for local search marketing.

The most popular tool that whitespark offers you is the Citation Finder. It helps you to find the citation opportunities to relevant local search rankings.

This tool is free for 3 searches per day and you can also get a paid subscription starting at $17 per month for 20 searches per day.

Other whitespark tools include:

  • Reputation Builder
  • Local rank tracker
  • Review monitoring
  1. Moz Local

This tool may be perhaps the most popular local SEO tool on the list. It has been trailblazing the local SEO tool over 10 years in the software market. So you can trust their data and methodologies.

This tool works for both small and large enterprises, ensuring that the online listings are correct and consistent so that is can boost the website visibility.

It works by sending your listings to major search engines and business aggregators. Using this tool, you can easily edit your listings simply by logging into MOZ Local and making necessary changes – there’s no need to edit each directory individually.

Another advantage through MOZ Local is it links with Google My Business so that you can receive alerts when you get new reviews and you can reply to your customers in a timely manner.

  1. ReviewTrackers

This is a customer review software tool which sends alerts on various review websites regarding the customer feedbacks and makes this information available only on one dashboard.

Using this tool, you can monitor reviews, solicits feedback, and can track your performance. Some of the popular brands like Midas, American family insurance, and Subaru use this tool.

  1. Local SEO checklist

This tool fixes technical local SEO issues taking place on your website. Apart from the checklist, you can utilize this website for:

  • Checking for your GMB whether it is following the correct guidelines or not.
  • Checking for right schema markup for your content
  • Using a free scanning tool to check your business listing appears out of various websites.
  1. Synup

This is an all-in-one software marketing suite specially designed to monitor your analytics, manage your listings, and to create your reports.

It also facilitates various listings updates and notifies you whenever a new update is created about your business. To catch inconsistencies, it crawls over 200 local search engines.

  1. Bright local

This tool is used by more than 62,000 agencies and business and regarded as one of the most popular local SEO tools.

It features include:

  • Customized dashboard
  • Lead generation tools and widgets
  • Tracking of organic and mobile rankings
  • Audits directory sites
  • GMB and NAP audits
  • Alerts on online reviews
  1. Advice Local

This tool is similar to Yext in some ways but more advantageous when compared to Yext. It can manually build local citations where Yext uses API. This may take a bit longer time for Advice Local to get a good percentage of the score in directory submissions because the information is limited to the basics of NAP.

  1. SEMrush

It is a popular SEO tool trusted by brands such as HP, Quora, and eBay. It helps users by providing information about website traffic management, keyword management, and other useful SEO data.

They have recently introduced their own listing management tools in collaboration with Yext and it is currently under Beta testing for its publication.

It is quite easy to use because you just have to provide the data and find your location. Later, it provides you the list of your listings and their status for each of your website directory.

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A Local Guide to SEO for Large Enterprises

With the rise in the mobile technology, the local SEO became an ever important thing and a recent study has found that 63 percent of all Google searches are from mobiles.

Businesses must define how success looks like and should develop an ongoing call that is scalable in order to succeed in local SEO.

Pros and Cons of local SEO:

The advantages of using local SEO in large enterprises include:

  1. Accessibility to industry tools
  2. Money
  3. People
  4. specialization

If these built-in resources are ignored, then cons of large companies may overweigh the pros with respect to local SEO.

The 4 common obstacles that the companies face while planning a local SEO strategy:

  1. Ignorance:

If there is no proper strategy across the organization, it is difficult to earn buy-ins from others.

  1. Bystander Effect:

Lack of defined roles in the enterprise may lead to diffusion in the responsibility.

To avoid this, there should be proper review management which includes – Who should be responsible for customer service? Store managers? and Regional managers?

Pick the best one and make the work done with clear responsibilities.

  1. Volume:

In order to execute a well- defined plan that avoids the obstacles to produce a scalable and successful local SEO strategy, it’s important to have a look at the following steps:

  1. Digital Marketing Goals
  2. Establish Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Slow decision making:

As we know, large enterprises are non- adaptive and inflexible as small enterprises. Their task listing may draw out for months.

The Local SEO Practices for Enterprises

These practices are basically divided into two sections. They are:

  1. Basic practices
  2. Competitive Edge Practices

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There are 5 local SEO practices defined for enterprises to attain business goals

  1. Google My Business

Basic Practices:

  • Submit a Google My Business List.
  • Storefront image for all locations.
  • Update Name, Address, and Contact details for all stores.
  • Selecting relevant business categories.

Competitive Edge:

  • Use the tools like getting Five Stars for an enterprise-friendly feature.
  • Creating a monthly calendar to use some helpful features like Google Q&A and Google Posts.
  • Regularly check for tools like Mobile Moxie or Bright Local Competitive Analysis to check keyword ranking.
  • Be a tattler to report spam on Google Maps.
  1. On-Page Local SEO

Basic Practices:

  • Include the address in all store locator pages.
  • Make sure that the store pages are properly indexed by search engines.
  • Implement local schema on all store locator pages.

Competitive Practices:

  • Implement a local content opportunity which can be either incorporated on a blog or directly on store locator pages.
  • Take a consistent approach to make constant changes to your content on store pages.
  1. Citation Management

Basic Practices:

  • Create your GMB profile.
  • Utilize set-it-and-forget-it plan.

Competitive Practices:

  • Use Yext to help clean duplicate data, push citations, adjust incorrect data and defend online presence.
  • Make use of designated resources to improve listing, monitoring, and updating the information.
  1. Local Link Building

Basic Principles:

  • Do not ignore local link building due to the fear of having limited impact.

Competitive Principles:

  • Large enterprises fail to maximize their linking perspective. So get involved in your sponsor events, support other business, and host networking events.
  1. Reviews

Basic Principles:

  • Respond to customer feedback.

Competitive Principles:

  • Manage all customer reviews by using some automated tools like getting Five Stars.
  • Embed Google Profile Link that generates a direct link to your profile.

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Top SEO Companies India

Top SEO Companies India

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an imperative part of digital marketing. It is a basic digital marketing procedure used to guarantee organizations and brands go ahead best of web index comes about. Getting your SEO system right is one of the key strides to guaranteeing your business site shows up on an initial couple of pages of web search tools. This is the reason there is a popularity for good SEO offices.

Web optimization organizations assist you with your web crawler showcasing endeavors. They will comprehend your business targets and in like manner strategize a feasible advanced and internet searcher advertising design.

We have united, in this article, a rundown of the best SEO organizations in India. This rundown additionally contains insights about the office’s customers, group measure, office areas, etc.

Company Name: IBase Solutions Pvt Ltd

Website Link: click here

Services: Search engine optimization, Social media Marketing, Web designing and Web Development, Content writing and Web hosting

About Company: iBase solutions is a premium website design and development company located in Hyderabad. Our clients have adjudged us as one of the best web design and development company in Hyderabad, for providing web design services at affordable prices. Responsive web design is one area where we greatly focus on. Our expertise lies in custom web design and development, Software development, mobile application development, digital marketing, content writing and technical writing services. We provide the best quality software development services in Hyderabad. iBase Solutions strongly believes in providing worthy services that can help our clients to a great extent. With a competent team, we are confident that we can serve our valued customers in a rewarding manner.

Founded in: 2008

Location: Hyderabad

Contact Number: 8501932183

Company Name: PageTraffic

Website Link: click here

Services:  Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Link Building

About Company: PageTraffic is a digital marketing and search engine organization based out of New Delhi with branches over the globe. An endless supply of the best SEO Companies in India, PageTraffic spends significant time in making answers to convey more noteworthy permeability to organizations.

Founded in: 2002

Location: New Delhi

Company Name: eBrandz

Website Link: click here

Services:  Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Affiliate Management, Website design/development, Social Media Optimization

About Company: Ebrandz is a Pro when it comes to delivering results to their clients. Their services aim at building small businesses to incomparable heights. They claim to be the best in their field.

Founded in: 2003

Location: Mumbai

Company Name: Techmagnate 

Website Link: click here

About Company: Techmagnate is a Delhi based SEO agency primarily focusing on services related to search engine optimization and web design.

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Web Design

Founded in: 2006

Location: New Delhi

Company Name: Briefkase

Website Link: click here

About Company: Briefkase is a Digital Marketing start-up based in Mumbai that is motivated by the idea of delivering results and enabling their clients to achieve the best. In a short span of 4 years, they have already made it to the top 10 SEO companies in India list.

Services: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Design & Development

Founded in: 2013

Location: Mumbai

Company Name: SEOValley Solutions Private Limited  

Website Link: click here

About Company: SEOValley Solutions is another search engine optimization company based in Bhopal. Their core services include various sub-services within the scope of digital marketing. They have a lot of reputed businesses on their client list.

Services: SEO Reseller, Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management

Founded in: 2000

Location: Bhopal

Company Name: Bruce Clay India 

Website Link: click here

About Company: Bruce Clay India has offices all over the globe. This 21-year-old agency is known for its popular clientele list.

Services: Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimization

Founded in: 1996

Location: India, North America, Brazil, Europe, Australia, Japan, Middle East

Company Name: Profit by Search

Website Link: click here

About Company: Profit by Search is a 17-year-old India based SEO agency with a branch in the United States. They have an impressive client list with some of the top brands being a part of it.

Services: SEO Reseller, Pay Per Click Advertising, Search Engine Optimization

Founded in: 2000

Location: India, United States

Company Name: Wildnet Technologies 

Website Link: click here

About Company: Wildnet Technologies is one of the best SEO agencies which cater its audiences with everything ranging from app development, website management, website or enterprise integration, etc. They strive to prove their excellence in all the projects they undertake. The results state that they quite successful in meeting their objective.

Services: Mobility, UI/UX, Cloud, App Development, Enterprise Integration, Digital Marketing

Founded in: 2006

Location: India, United States

Company Name: YNG Media   

Website Link: click here

About Company: YNG Media Excels in all the projects they undertake. They believe the results achieved by their clients is their real revenue. With famous fashion Brands like Ritu Kumar, SatyaPaul, etc. they work with the best and deliver the best for their clients.

Services: Digital Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Display and rich media, Video Ads, Search Ads, Analytics And Email Marketing, Retargeting

Founded in: 2010

Location: Gurugram, Haryana, India

Company Name: Adlift Marketing Pvt. Ltd.  

Website Link: click here

About Company: Adlift Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top SEO agencies in India. It is driven by the motto of providing a higher ROI to its clients through the Digital Marketing campaigns conducted by the team for their clients. Adlift leverages various digital marketing tools to deliver results.

Services: Digital Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Display and rich media, Video Ads, Search Ads, Analytics And Email Marketing, Retargeting

Founded in: 2009

Location: India, USA, and Singapore

iBase Solutions Pvt Ltd have good team work on SEO & Digital Marketing .

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