To take your business into the market and stand it top, you need to cultivate a wide range of ideas. But in converting those ideas into real-time achievements lies the actual success. One such strategy of developing your business ideas into practical accomplishments is to have one app developed for your enterprise. There are billions of android device users out there around the world and keeping this number in mind, our android app development process adopted by our engineers would conceive greatest of android apps that hit million download mark.

Our android app development process is not limited to just smartphones or tablets, but it is widespread over every android device out in the market for user convenience. Our developers, managers and engineers make it a point to explore the whole android world and conquer it with the best-performing android apps that goes well on any android device.

The primary developing code languages our android app development process includes is either java or kotlin as they yield user-friendly experiences.

Here is what our Android App Development Process contains

Our company’s involves a key app development strategy that reciprocates and strengthens clients’ business goals besides providing the best possible seamless user experiences.


Our first step is to discover and bring out the possible requirements for the application. Following this, our engineers do list the competitors, analyzing the chances of monetizing the app and figuring out the technical feasibilities.


Next comes the designing part which includes designing the UI – user interface, which forms the crucial part as the majority of user vote for neatly and well-formatted applications that contain seamless navigation. Wireframing is the crucial concept our designers adopt in UI designing.


Defining network layers, UI layers, database layers and creating frameworks taking cues from the wireframes form this important step in android app development process.


Apart from developing the code, developing the frontend, backend and reviewing the code in the loop is what we do in the development stage.

Testing/Quality Assurance:

Once the code is ready, frontend and backend are designed, our technical team performs various real-time testing methodologies on real android devices to make sure the app keeps up with the initially claimed performance levels. Our Quality Assurance team performs testing the functionalities of the app on various android devices – smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and Android TVs. Based on the results we do provide improvements wherever needed.

Submission and Distribution:

Once done with the quality assurance, our team would submit the seamless android app to the Google play store which unlike the other app stores, accepts and includes the submitted app in its vast collection available to the users. Following which we do post submission testing to analyze further updations and then do enterprise distribution.


Once the android app is onto the Google play store, users start downloading it. So, it is needed to check for any app crashes with increased user number and traffic. Also, monitoring user engagement time and marketing the app are the other activities included in the post-launch period of the app.

Last but not the least, we use a high-performance database to store, manage and fetch users’ crucial and confidential data. User data security is our main agenda, our app development process adopts high-quality data managing techniques and methods.  

Whether your enterprise is a startup budding to compete with the giants in the business world or an already established firm, you need to keep the contact intact with your users and at the same time, try ballooning your consumers. This is possible with incorporating new ideas into the android world and android apps like adding audio-video features, linking up with social networks, exploring the wearables in the android market, etc.,

Let us design your dream app that lets you bring the change in the digital era.

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